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Porcina Amerciana

It is a Costa Rican company dedicated to the production of premium pork, founded in 1977. We are fragmented in two locations, in Coris de Cartago and Esparza de Puntarenas.


We are a full cycle farm. We have our harvest plant approved by SENASA (National Agricultural Health Service), establishment # C24, as well as complying with all the regulations that regulate the pig industry.

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Work Team

We have collaborators with many years of experience, who are lovers of their work; they take care of him and love him as his house and he has very marked his vocation for animal production.

In constant technological growth

We are a company that interests us to always be technologically updated. We constantly take on new challenges and create alliances. We have more than three projects underway testing the best technology, some unique in Central America and Latin America.

We care about the biosafety of the pig and we have a high-tech project known as B-eSecure, in partnership with PigCHAMP Pro Europa and the transnational Pharmaceutical MSD.

We show you some projects!


How do pigs feed?

We have our own food factory which is unique in the region. Pigs feed on corn and imported soy.

A computer through a program feeds the pigs, the liquid route is used to transport the concentrate to the animals. The pigs of each pen are entered, they are classified by weight and a mixed software and sends the concentrate to the animals through a pipe of more than 3 kilometers, water is the means of transport.


Microalgae Project

We have an innovative project in Latin America allied with the Technological Institute of Costa Rica. Which consists of producing vegetable protein based on microalgae (spirulina) for animal feed.

We are a company that produces in harmony with the environment. We have taken as our action guide the encyclical LaudatoSi written by Pope Francis.

We have a program called ECOPASA, in which we take care of many environmental projects such as being a company that generates clean energy, restoring and protecting ecosystems, we have proposed to reforest at least 1000 trees a year, among others.


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What is the Biodigester?

We are committed to innovation and the environment. We have a German technology digester (the largest in the country). The ICE (Costa Rican Institute of Electricity) recognizes us as a model company in the production of biomass-based electricity.


The biodigester is a technology for the production of renewable energy. Which is used as a generating source for the decomposition of organic matter. The biodigester feeds on the excreta of pigs to produce gas, which is then transformed into electrical energy.

Due to the dimensions and capacity of this mechanism, our farm is completely self-sufficient with the electrical energy we generate. The cost of the project was around $ 2 million.

Environmental commitment

On June 20, 2019 we were awarded 2 stars of the Ecological Blue Flag, award for the effort in terms of sustainability, environmental protection, use of clean energy, community projection and responsible waste management.

Blue flag


San José, Costa Rica

Tel.: +506 2509.2300

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