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You are in the first and best Costa Rica's Ribs

Restaurant World Famous National Rib!

JR Ribs was born on October 6, 1989 as JR House of Ribs in Guadalupe. The name evokes the main character "JR" from the TV series "Dallas".​

The restaurant was founded by two Panamanians: José Luis Zerr Prados and Tommy Toral. JR always kept the Texana, cowgirl food style. In 2000 and until 2015, the restaurant moved from Guadalupe to Barrio Amón, near Simón Bolivar Park. In 2015 they moved from Barrio Amón to Tournón. In April 2017, he allied with Grupo Zamora. This year he wins the competition for the best rib, at the Barbecue Fest. The American Jim Johnson, one of the international grill guru, ranked our gossips as the best outside the United States.


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